(1952 - 2016)

Day by day, we pay tribute to the memory of our beloved “Don Tony”, who dedicated his entire life so that the farm continued to grow and produce one of the best coffees in the world.

Thanks to his passionate and tireless vision, Don Pepe Estate Coffe brand managed to cross international borders, obtaining a high recognition and prestige worldwide.

“I grew up in a place that has a really unique microclimate in Panama. I will not rest until I bring the delicious coffee grown in these lands, to other continents.”

Don Tony

Our coffees are

an expression that goes from the cultivation to the cup.

Thanks to our rigorous
processes we have been able to satisfy strict requirements, thus achieving very exquisite profiles
with notes of raspberry, apricot, peach, walnuts and green apple, among others.

Natural Process

This method consists in drying the whole ripe grain after having harvested it, without removing the husk and leaving all its layers. Coffee, when processed in this way, retains important attributes and tends to have a high body, low acidity and exotic flavors.

'Honey' Process

In this way of processing the coffee, the pulp layer is extracted, but the mucilage is not removed, but it is used to coat the grain and dry it. Coffees processed in this way generally have a unique flavor, characterized by a different sweetness and a particularly sweet acidity.

Washed Coffee

In this process, first, the pulp or husk is separated from the coffee beans to subsequently remove the mucilage completely. The flavor attributes of washed coffees are lighter bodies, cleaner cups and more fruity and balanced flavors.


We encourage you to visit us and accompany us to take a fascinating journey along our farm.
When finished, you will be part of a delicious and refreshing tasting of freshly grown coffee.




It is a completely exotic variety and very expressive in its aromas. Its coffee has a light body and in the cup it usually displays a pleasant sweetness and a flavor that can vary from berries and citrus, to jasmine and gardenia. Considered “the champagne of the coffees” and world known for its distinguished quality, due to its different cultivation techniques that were perfected in the Highlands of Panama.



Our farm is strategically located in the foothills of Volcán Barú,
specifically in the area of Volcancito(Boquete, Chiriquí); at an altitude of 1,500 to 2,000 meters above sea level.
We have 70 hectares of land: 59 of coffee cultivation and 11 of natural reserve.